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Pros and Cons of NCLB When you think of the words “no child left behind” you automatically think of literally not leaving a child left behind somewhere, but in reality No Child Left Behind is an act. No child Left Behind is an Act where high goals an standards are set for schools in order for the success of students. This act began in 2001 proposed by George W. Bush, schools are administered standardized test yearly and are taken at the same time and same place. The test scores determine if teachers are teaching up to par. Depending on the scores and achievements of the schools depends on the funding given by government. The lower the schools the more focus the government focuses on to try and help better the school. If all else fails with the budget and change in teachers the school will be shut don’t and turned into private for the government. Many people have different views to the NCLB Act; it has multiple pros and cons attached to it. First I will start with the negatives of the No Child Left Behind Act and its standardized testing. This test narrows the curriculum in which the teachers teach, focusing on mainly math, reading, and writing. This is also known as teachers “teaching to the test”. Each state prepares their own test and standards and that itself leaves a chance for inadequate testing because the state may administer a low standard versus other states. There is also an increase with the shortage of teachers because the NCLB Act requires a certain level of teachers all of them must take many test themselves and that determines if they are able to continue to teach. Schools are so adamant to just “pass the test” that they forget the true focus dealing with education and only focus on training students to take a test. Lastly this test labels the students to be all the same. Each student is accountable for one another’s scores no matter who’s a good
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