Standardized Testing- Alfie Kohn

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Standardized Testing The author, Alfie Kohn, opens his argument against standardized testing by comparing the tests to being “swelled and mutated, like a creature in one of those horror movies”. Kohn creates a negative outlook on standardized testing, and uses the analogy to create a vivid image to the audience. Kohn begins by informing his readers of his purpose of challenging those who defend the test to assist those who oppose the test, and to “energize and encourage” those who have resigned themselves to the test. He continues his arguments through the breaking down of specific questions and his clear explanations of the answers. Also, Kohn slowly works his way through the process of standardized testing and suggests improvements of the tests as well as any alternatives to the situation at hand. Then, Kohn continues his argument by rebutting any questions and concerns that his audience may have. The author compares the U.S to other countries stating that “few countries today give these formal examinations to students before the age of sixteen”. The support that Kohn uses in his arguments is shown throughout alternatives to testing, his exposure of misleading and exaggerations in a “Nation at Risk” report, giving specific examples, and by informing the reader of the profits made by test makers. Also, explaining that companies turned around and sell teaching materials designed to raising scores on their OWN test. The author also describes how the test disregards the students’ creativity, imagination, conceptual thinking, curiosity, effort, irony, and other valuable dispositions and attributes. The author suggests that test is not designed to meet the needs of the students; rather yet, the students must all rise to meet the same standards. As a reader, one can conclude that not all students learn the same materials, through the same techniques. Furthermore, the
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