Proposal of Developing a New Restaurant Essay

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Introduction We are delighted to submit the following proposal outlining our plan to help you to renovate your new restaurant, the Miido Restaurant, and to fuse the Chinese and Japanese Cuisine for your new restaurant. For your information, our company has more than 18 years of experience in plotting the opening for new restaurants. Our job scope includes the menu design, interior design, and also the renovating and refurbishing work. Our former and current clients include numerous famous and well-known restaurants and cafes throughout the country, such as Dao, Secret Kitchen, Yummy-Yum and Delicioury. Based on previous contact with a few personnel in your company, we were aware that you are interested in establishing a new restaurant fusing Chinese and Japanese cuisine. In this case, we are confident that we are able to offer the lowest price in the market, without compromising on the quality and your satisfaction. This is because our company has our own interior designers and renovating team, thus lowering the cost of hiring other staff to do the job. In addition, our success in plotting and designing new restaurants had been published in a few reputable newspapers and magazine such as World News and The Truth Magazine. Background and Purpose We understand that your company is committed to provide superior food, nice environment and good service to the customers in your restaurant. Based on our previous communication, we understand that the Miido Restaurant will be expanded into chain stores. Thus, we are writing to offer you our service in creating the new menu and designing and renovating the interior of your restaurant. We had prepared a detailed plan of our service, and also the cost incurred. Through our proposed plan, we will definitely be able to help you to build up your gourmet paradise. We are certain that we are offering the best price in the

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