Career Development Plan For Kudler Fine Foods

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Career Development Plan Summary Suzanne Alexander University of Phoenix September 13, 2009 Career Plan “An organization is only as good as its employees.” This quote can be taken not only from research articles, but from any great leader that realizes their employees are an integral part of a company’s strategy. The process of hiring and retaining valuable employees depends on how well management follows the necessary steps to implement the career development of the employees of Kudler Fine Foods. After the restructuring of the company, I have chosen five new positions and will present a plan that will benefit the employees, as well as the organization. The first position will be a regional manager that…show more content…
In order to insure this happens, the compensation plan offered to employees must be an incentive to work for that organization. The incentives that should be offered should take employees’ needs and wants into consideration. Surveys will be provided to understand the profiles of the employees and meet their individual needs. The programs proposed are day care services, flexible spending accounts, vacation packages, holiday pay, severance pay, health and work out centers, and paid time off. Because these services may not be attractive or an option for some employees, they can choose which benefits to take advantage of. These benefits are just as important if not more important to some than financial benefits. The financial benefits will include health, dental, and vision insurance. The health insurance that will be offered is a POS plan. Research has shown that incentive compensation programs are used to assist in the definition of goals to motivate employees to achieve the goals necessary (Santone, Sigler, & Britt, 1993). Because of this, performance incentives and profit sharing are two incentives that will be offered to employees to assist in their productivity. The profit sharing will include all employees and be based on a percentage of sales to be determined at a later date. Evidence shows that workers whose pay is somehow linked to profit…show more content…
Manage individual managers and increase profits by decreasing inventory costs. Qualifications: 5 years + experience in management in a retail environment. Bachelor’s degree in business management or related field. Proven sales records and success in unit management is helpful. Kudler Fine Foods Manager – update on job description Job description: To manage and run individual store and ensure profitability for unit. Job duties: Manage store employees, purchasing, inventory control, customer service, submit weekly sales and profitability reports, and run the individual store as a business. Qualifications: Excellent customer service, 5 years experience in a retail environment with proven success, bachelor’s degree in business or associated field. Kudler Fine Foods Catering Manager Job description: To grow catering program and seek out new business opportunities and manage catering assistant. Job duties: Organize a successful catering program and attract new customers and clients. Manage costs and run program as if it is its own business. Grow menu to include the changing needs of our

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