Kudler Fine Foods: Client Interaction Strategy

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Kudler Fine Foods: Client Interaction Strategy LDR/535 Leading Change July 29, 2013 Donna Clayburn Kudler Fine Foods: Client Interaction Strategy Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a local upscale specialty food store located in the San Diego area. KFF has hired me as a consultant to help implement a new software system that will simplify the current system being used by the human resource and the individual store managers. As a consultant I need to come up with a specific interaction strategy with the different departments within the organization. I will identify who the main players are within the organization. The different types of leadership and power structure throughout the organization. I will final come up with strategies to help aid…show more content…
The phases of any change will consist of introducing the change initiative through the organization. The next phase will be resistance from different employees. The final phase will be organizational commitment and success. I can use the power throughout the organization to have a better flow during this change initiative. I will use the CEO Kathy Kudler to introduce the change initiative across the organization. Her legitimate power and leadership style will allow the message to be clearly defined and understood by the organization. “The existence of position power opens for approaches to implementation based…show more content…
The type of influence tactics that can be used throughout KFF are proactive influence tactics. The tactic I would use the most across all the different managers is collaboration. This will allow for the consultant and staff to build a healthy working relationship. To get complete buy-in from the CEO for the steps KFF needs to make to have the change initiative a success I would use rational persuasion. Giving her all the fact will allow Kathy Kudler to make a good decision about what steps KFF needs to make from top to bottom to allow the new software to be accepted throughout the organization. Conclusion KFF is going through an organizational change throughout the company. KFF has an organizational structure throughout the organization that will foster this change to be successful. The power flows from top to bottom with the CEO having Legitimate power at every level of the organization. Using different influence tactics to help push the initiative through the different level of the organization, the integration of the new software will be successful and the consultant process will be flawless because I have used the company’s power structure to leverage change at

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