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Date: October 17, 2009 To: Charlotte Alexander/ Founder and Owner of DigiFast From: Jessica Proctor/ Project Manager JP Subject: The Advantages of Bringing a new Café in the building. This Memo presents the qualities of a new café in our building. Based on the current standing of our break room, I propose that we bring a new and enticing form of how employees enjoy their lunch, envision to yourself a place called DigiFast Café. The greatest advantage to DigiFast is that overall employee productivity would increase indefinitely. One reason is the fact that employees can enjoy their lunch, while finishing those last minute details on a major project, right here in the café. DigiFast has free internet access at every table.…show more content…
Even if the employee only wants a simple coffee or a refreshing latte, we are conveniently right here to serve them. DigiFast Café will be proud to say they have a wonderful lunch service provided by a professional food preparer. With daily specials. We are not only open to employees, but to whomever visit’s our Café. It has been proven that with a well balanced meal, and a full and satisfied employee, more productivity is highly likely. Which will benefit our company. I look forward to discussing this new option with you at your convince. Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful

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