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Kudler Fine Foods: Market Analysis in Vancouver, Canada Name: Institution: Abstract The Kudler Fine Foods store began in San Diego, California. It prepares gourmet foods and makes door-to-door deliveries. Their high quality food production at large scale covered a niche in the market that has seen to its global expansion. They specialize on sea food bringing in exclusive recipes, ingredients and sushi. This essay reviews the justification of the choice of Vancouver as market for its new branch in Canada. It considers the statistics that encouraged this move and factors influencing this market. The innovation and technology in the company applies gets reviewed and how altering them would positively impact it. Justification of Vancouver as a market The company picked Vancouver as an international market in its waterfall approach to…show more content…
Then they work backward considering all factors. [ (Kotler, Keller; Keller;, 2009) ] The gourmet foods they offer should be fresh and thus a competent supplier should be their first priority. Wines associate with gourmet foods tremendously and a wine distributor would be the best option. The sushi should be sealed and refrigerated throughout the supply to consumers tackle the freshness factor. The supply of fresh food to the various branches should involve daily shipments, and this should be efficient. International Channel Strategy The company’s launch in Vancouver was in Stong’s Market, both sharing a passion for quality and customer satisfaction. This has enabled channel training of Kudler chefs and also delivery of products gets sorted out. The publicity of the second grand opening of the Stong Market in collaboration with Kudler Fine Foods store rent the social media, e-mails, magazines and television. This enables a smooth integration into the new market forming a customer base. Pricing

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