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Prejudgment A lot of people prejudge everything in life, it’s a natural thing. Once they see a person they quickly determine whether this person is good or bad, wealthy or poor, thin or chubby, beautiful or ugly. They also decide if one is good or bad from one’s religious not because of the person himself. And because they think that judging people is a cool thing. They not only judge people, but also they can judge a product or a situation. I for example, prejudge a lot of people by their appearance before I even meet them. And I am sure that a lot of people prejudge me. I remember one time seeing this girl pass by, I was with a couple of friends and I immediately judged the way she looked , I decided that she was too full of herself and that she didn’t seem nice at all, but then I had the opportunity to meet her because she was close to a friend of mine. So I found out that she is a really nice girl who wasn’t full of herself, she had the prettiest personality ever, and now we’ve been friends for almost 7 years. Since then I decided not to prejudge people by their looks or cultures. In conclusion, human beings judge everything around them, it is not a thing that you can make control of. As John Locke once said “To prejudge other men's notions before we have looked into them is not to show their darkness but to put out our own eyes.” So people should try their best not to criticize or judge people before knowing exactly who they are and what their personalities are

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