Morgause And Her Sons

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Morgause and her sons have an odd relationship with each other. With her being the mother of the four boys, their relationship is unusual for a relationship carried between mother and sons. In the weird tale The Once and Future King by T.H. White, the relationship Morgause has with her sons shows that humanity can be led to be twisted and sick-minded because of harm done not just physically but as seen in this relationship, also emotionally and psychological. Morgause gave birth to her sons and that is pretty much the only way she has a partial right to the title of a mother, because in any other form she is definitely not a mother. Morgause shows to be a woman full of vanity and is very conceited. This would be an example of her narcissism: “It was not that Morgause courted invisibility-indeed, she would have detested it, because she was beautiful” (White 218). Just by saying she “detested” being invisible “because she was beautiful” shows just how full of herself she is. The way she treats her children is un-motherly and selfish, for example when “she had not noticed that her children’s clothes were ruined: had not even scolded them about that” (White 263). In itself, it does not sound so bad, but when the story continues it says that even though she didn’t care about that, once “she found out about the unicorn later in the evening she had them whipped for it” (White 263). This also seems not too absurd, since she is punishing them for a wrongdoing. Although that is what it seems she is doing from an outside perspective, her actual intentions are clear when it continues saying that her reasons for beating them are because “she had spent an unsuccessful day with the English knights.” (White 263). Her reasons to punish her children were not their actions, but because of her own selfish reasons, it shows how twisted she is for behaving this way with her own
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