Script on Mulan Analysis

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Good morning guys! Yesterday Sherry mentioned about how female’s image was portrayed in Disney animations. And today I am going to specifically tell the gender portrayal in Mulan, about how it reveals the gender inequality in the ancient China. This is most likely what I am going to say in this activity. Before I start, I would like to invite one of you to come out for a few words. Okay, You are now Mulan, and I am the commander. Let’s start Shang: Your name is…Mulan? Mulan: yes… Shang: What? What is your name again? Mulan: ehhh..ehhh..ah! Ping! It's Ping. Shang: Ping. Mulan: Yes, my name is Ping. Okay Thanks! This is exactly the same dialogue that I extracted from Mulan. In the scene, Mulan was asked for her name, and she had to quickly come up with something that represents her gender identity. And from this moment onwards, Mulan strives to improve on her strength, eventually becoming the best in the army and even outshining the guys. After naming herself, she successfully portrays the masculinity of the character. And this is how the story starts. The story of Mulan was set in the Han dynasty, which is man-centered society, and female were having a very low social status that they would only focus on marriages and backing up the domestic chores, while male in every family was conscripted, and that’s why mulan was going to the army for her dad. ….. One point to note is that the appearance of woman soldiers could be resulted in death penalty. In general, the whole setting was depicting a society in which female are very powerless. Mulan, was obviously the protagonist of the film. She, unlike those previous female roles in Disney; is quite outspoken, clumsy and independent. This is why she failed to meet the matchmaker’s expectation. So she considered herself as a shame, a black sheep of her family. But then she shows the filial piety of the
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