The Bride Christine Granados Analysis

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Dariela Flores Paper 3 P.O.V. “The Bride,” written by Christine Granados, is a story about a Hispanic teenager whose dream wedding was interrupted by teen pregnancy. Since Rochelle was a little girl she was obsessed with having an extravagant “white wedding.” Throughout the story the younger sister Lily tries to snap Rochelle back to reality and get her to appreciate her Mexican culture. Rochelle gets married while she’s four months pregnant and although things didn’t go as she planned she was content with how she ended up. Granados implies that life won’t always go as you planned. Rochelle learns and accepts the fact that things didn’t go as planned and she is okay with it. Throughout the story Rochelle is planning a white wedding that broke all the Mexican traditions. “My wedding is going to be classy.” Lily tries to tell Rochelle that weddings like that don’t happen in El Paso. Rochelle was embarrassed of her culture but in the end she was just another statistic of teen pregnancy. “Angel looked at his watch and said, “Vámonos. I need to get back to work.” This doesn’t bother Rochelle because she is in love with Angel.…show more content…
Rochelle continuously denies her heritage and desires to be the ideal “American Bride.” Throughout the story Lily tries to get Rochelle to acknowledge her Hispanic heritage but Rochelle doesn’t accept it. “You’re carrying your gringa kick too far.” This shows how Lily feels towards her sister’s attitude. In the end Rochelle’s denial of reality reaches it’s peak when she’s finds herself pregnant, married, and in high school. “He was beautiful too- the Mexican version of the blond grooms.” Rochelle finally realized what her sister was trying to tell her all her life; you can’t escape your
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