Politics On Illegal Immigration

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Political Science 1 22 November 2010 Immigration The most interesting political period that I remember for getting my attention was when President Bush and Mexican President Fox were communicating in a friendly manner on what was going to happen with the immigration of the people, and promises were made or at least were coming to agreements. Moreover, currently politics on immigration has a personal impact in my life because of the debate about what should be done with all of the illegal immigrants that are already here in the United States. There are no easy answers to this difficult situation. American politics has operated in many different manners towards this complex situation. My husband has been here in the United States since…show more content…
Both the Democrats and the Republicans quote experts or professionals in organizations that give different answers. Most Democrats say that the illegal immigrants are a positive thing. They say that they do difficult work that most Americans wouldn’t do. I think most economist agree with the Democrats way of thinking. They say that as many baby boomers retire, the illegal immigrants will increasingly be needed to work in many of the factories. On the other hand we have the Republicans, they say that the illegal immigrants overall are a negative aspect for society. Some say that illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from the poor Americans. They believe that if the pay is reasonable, the Americans will do almost any kind of work. The thing is that in my personal opinion that the issue, most Americans never quite settle down for just any pay or salary they always believe that they should get more than the person next to them especially if they have more education. While illegal immigrants don’t think that way, they just think that if they get paid and are able to pay rent and bills then that is…show more content…
Conservatives often see statistics that show that they are correct. They see the costs of emergency rooms and or education. Liberals often have their own statistics that demonstrate the opposite of this. It is a matter of what material is collected and how it is interpreted. The Conservative’s focus when writing a bill was focusing on apprehension and security wall building. The Liberals focus was giving illegal immigrants legal status be it as a temporary worker or with citizenship. Congressmen of both parties at the time were determined to do what they thought was right, even at the expense of alienating themselves from their constituents. For Republican politicians it eroded the interest of most constituents. Even though the bill attempted to be fair by trying to tackle the main concerns, every time a change was anticipated, the other groups threatened to pull away from it. One of the most attention-grabbing things about that bill was that although a Republican President (Bush) was the one that had pushed for it and Republican Congressmen helped put in writing, it was robustly and devastatingly rejected by Republicans at the source level. Both Senator Ted Kennedy, and John McCain and President Bush were on the same side going for this bill at the

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