Stricter Immigration Policy

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A stricter immigration policy should be employed Immigration is always a popular topic around the world, especially in the United States. And the motivation of most immigrants is to pursue a better life like an American Dream. And the inclusive society in the US is of great attraction to immigrants too. Recent years, immigration to the US is still at an increasing trend and the current level of immigration in the US is considered too high. Different political party always have a huge divergence towards immigration policy especially on the Political Campaign Activity because governmental policy towards immigration has a crucial influence to the amount of immigration, the practicality and cost. To some extent, the US government has…show more content…
economy. These illegal immigrants have been contributed to the growth of the economy because of the low labor cost. However, they become a burden of economy gradually. The illegal immigrants take over the federal government expenditure. For example, in the Heritage study, the low-income immigrant households became surrogates for illegal foreign households, which would cause the 38 percent of total federal expenditures on general public goods on illegal aliens (Martin & Ruark, 2010, p. 30). Government has to spend more on transportation services, administrative support services and other services to these people. Moreover, the government increases the spending for border security. According to the report of Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, there were 11.7 million unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S., up from 11.5 million in 2011. In order to control this situation, the government has to strength the border security. The U.S. taxpayers would pay $12 billion for border security in 2013. There were about 70 percent of the $12 billion spent on inspections and trade facilitation at or between ports of entry and administration (Vetter, 2013). These statistics indicate that the rise of the illegal immigrants increases the burden of taxpayers, because their taxes are paid for controlling the illegal immigration, not in increasing their welfare or education aid, and creating more job opportunities. So the…show more content…
In terms of the domestic job market, Negy (2012) asserts that in general, every job opportunity captured by an immigrant could potentially held by a lawful American (138-143). As a matter of fact, the undocumented labors have a strong willingness to obtain a job with a below-average wage which drives some of the American labors out of the job market. And from employers’ point of view, especially in catering industry and labor intensive industries, employers are more likely to hire employees at a possible lower price. As a result Americans are paying a higher price for the unrestricted flow of undocumented immigrants entering into the United States each year. In terms of public welfare like the public health care, Kullgren (2003) states that federal government restrict the illegal immigrants’ access to publicly financed health services could be a heavy load to health care providers and do harm to public's health(1630-1633). Although this action might be helpful to the reduction of the undocumented immigration and the protection of public resources, more importantly, could satisfy the anti-immigration groups which are defending their own welfare against the immigrants. But in a long run, it still could be become a threat to the public health and the US government still have to take care of them. In terms of

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