Life In Industrial America

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The Jungle Kendall Paris July 13, 2012 Life in industrial America, particularly for immigrants and working class people was a big struggle. There were so many hardships that they had to go through such as: working conditions, unjust businessmen/wages, and poverty/starvation. “So America was a place of which lovers and young people dreamed. If one could only manage to get the price of passage, he could count his troubles at an end.” (Pg. 27) Most of the immigrants are tricked into the beliefs that they can find steady work, high wages, and a comfortable life in America. It is a lie that brings cheap labor, and instead of obtaining a decent life, they enter a life of torture. The…show more content…
Jurgis struggled to make the kind of money he needed to maintain his family. “And, for this, at the end of the week, he will carry home three dollars to his family, being his pay at the rate of five cents per hour-just about his proper share of the million and three quarters of children who are now engaged in earning their living in the United States.” (Pg. 6) The kind of money these people made was absolutely ridiculous, such low wages should not be acceptable for the kind of work they due daily. “They were beaten; they had lost the game, they were swept aside. It was not less tragic because it was so sordid, because that it had to do with wages and grocery bills and rents. They had dreamed of freedom; of a change to look about them and learn something; to be decent and clean, to see their child grow up to be strong. And now it was all gone-it would never be!” (Pg. 14) Workers would keep reminding themselves that all of this hard work would be worth it in the end. It would help and make for a better life for their families in the…show more content…
They’ve been cheated, exploited, and they despise the ones who have caused them their hardships. Giant industries really had an enormous amount of control at the turn of the century in the United States; the greed of the powerful ones has turned the American Dream into a nightmare for an ordinary worker. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair seemed to really want to expose the evils of capitalism, and the suffering of the wage earners. After reading this book I also learned how the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906 came about. It’s amazing how long it took them to finally sign off on those acts because of how horrendous the working conditions were. This book also made me realize not to take life today for granted because it made me appreciative for what I have, the house I live in, and how close my family

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