Increasing Minimum Wage Essay

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There are millions of working Americans trying to support a family with a low wage minimum job. I would like to propose a change related to increasing the minimum wage. There are many people that have been born into poverty and as a result stay disadvantaged because the economic status is below poverty level. Ther also seems to be many single mothers who struggle to raise a family on a minimun wage income. The Hispanic Times wrote an article on how The Minimum Wage would Impact women is another souce I will use to argue why minimum wage should be raised. The government should propose a change with the mimimum wage so many worrkin american have a chnace at the american dream. Many american don’t seem to rise above water getting by with an income that barley meets basic needs. There are families surviving on minimum wage as their daily lifestyle. Barbara Ehreich shares her experience…show more content…
Many low wage worker are limited to housing resources because the income received does not match rent for a month. How does the government expect one to live off $8 an hr and pay if rent for a family of three is over amount received. In the book Nickle and Dimed barabars who posed as a low wage worker was limited to the type of housing she could afford earning $7 an hr got her a hole in the wall. She stated, “Trailer trash was now a demographic to aspire to”(12). Many workin people have no choice but, to live in poor living arrangments. According to the New York Times, “if minimum wage was raised it would cause workers to get a pay raise and others to get fired(2). I agree that workers should be entitled to a pay raise as the cost of living is very high. Some workers find housing away from where they work because the cost of living in nearby cities having to travel often makes it impossible for the minimum wage worker to find stable permante

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