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Rolbin Flores American Dream Paper The documentary is about Hormel Foods Corporation, and how the United States has failed in its strike against it. The main subject of the documentary film is the workers of the Hormel corporation who were based in Minnesota, all of which were members of a union. The corporation decreased the benefits of the workers by 30%, even when it was making $30 million. It also decreased the hourly wage of the workers. While the local union was against the decreasing of benefits and wages, the United Food and Commercial Workers were not at all supportive of them. This is where Ray Rogers comes in, who became the consultant of the rallyists and was ready with all the graphs, charts, and promises of winning against…show more content…
People claim the purpose of a corporation is to better the economy,but thats not true. If there come a time when companies need to cut back, they would start from the bottom(workers) to the top. Corporation follow a Utilitarianistic view. Which is the right thing to do even if its done from a bad motive.In the notion of consequences the Utilitarian includes all of the good and bad produced by the act, whether arising after the act has been performed or during its performance. Hormel build a factory in a town where most of the people depend on them to survive economically. The town workers build a close relationship with the Hormel, since Hormel is all they knew. Generations of fathers work & cared for their family with this towns job. Hormel knowing & not caring knew this & used it to their advantage. The town had no choice but to be force to agree,even though they knew it was wrong. When you look at this aspect from a broad point of view. A few people can't change a million dollars corporation. Which i label this form of power consent creation. Hormel is obviously the…show more content…
They felt the need to do this as soon as they felt the negative changes in the management. The members of the local union were strongly supportive of the company, but they had to demand for something more because they have children to feed and families to support. I found it interesting how fellow towns people, not only pick between p-9 and p-10,but who they considered family. In the documentary, when some towns members decided to return to work. The fellow protester called them traders. These are co workers,neighbors,and family members ending they relationship on this economic situation. Spouses of local p-9'ers supported there husbands even thought they knew income was not coming in, which made them move

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