Immigration Persuasive Speech

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PS/IS 104 Otabek Zainiev 8-308 2-12-12 Immigration Today, if you wanted to immigrate to a new country it would be much easier than it was many years ago. For example, when you come to a new country you are for the most part given the same oppurtanuties as other people and you are treated equally regardless of your background. With the technology we have today, if you wanted to keep in touch with your relatives, you could easily do so through a number of different ways such as telephone, e-mail, skype, etc. Well, 150 years ago, things weren't that simple. There were many reasons why people wanted to immigrate to a new country. For example some push factors were that land became scarce and there was political and religious persecution. The Dandiegos came to the United States, because the Italian soldiers had become corrupt and made their lives hard. After Vito's daughter was raped…show more content…
The keyword is “promise”. Although they were promised that they would be free and equal, that wasn't the case. When immigrants came to the United States they were denied their rights and had to put up with persecution. They had to settle for bad jobs that required hard tiring work, because those are the only jobs poeple would give them. As result their period of adjustment was very hard. However, although it was bad, it was still better than what they faced in the countires they came from, and that is what kept them going. When immigrants came to the United States, they had to go through debarkation points. In the East Coast there was Ellis Island which was mainly for European immigrants. Every immigrant had to go through a medical inspection. The doctors examined them ot make sure they were not sick. If they were, they would stay on the island until they got better. If they didn't then they would be sent back to their country, to prevent the spread of

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