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American Immigration Immigration is one of the most complicated issues facing Americans these days. For hundreds of years immigrants from all over the world have been coming into the United States, legally and illegally, looking for a new life. These immigrants all have different reasons for leaving their homeland, some trying to escape war, poverty, hardships in their countries, or just simply trying to make a better life for themselves. Many of these immigrants came broke with nothing but the clothes on their backs. For different reasons, they are sure that things are better in this country. Immigrants feel that America is the best place to go and provides them with more freedom and benefits. In the…show more content…
Even though there are programs that donate to Africa to help build schools, give medicine and to improve the life in Africa for the refugees, many of the victims die from hunger and dehydration. One major difficulties that immigrant face when coming to America is communication. But non-English speaking immigrants have a hard time doing many of the jobs that are offered. In result they have to take jobs that pay less money. That makes it very difficult to afford many of the things they thought they would in this country. Many immigrants have a hard time finding health care. Many of them are working in low paying jobs that don’t offer health insurance. Families often do not have enough money to go to a doctor. Many of them don’t know where to get help because they don’t speak English. When they go to see a doctor they can not follow instructions because they cannot understand the doctor. Luckily it wasn’t that big of an issue for the Lost Boys. They had already received some schooling prior to making the trip to America. While in Kukuma refugee camp offered the boys some security, survival food rations and

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