Social Problem Ofindustrial Age

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Lillian Jackson Mrs. Harvey U.S. History March 12, 2015 02.07 Social Problem of theIndustrial Age | How was the Social Problem addressed during the Industrial Age (social movement, law, etc)? | Was the Social Problem addressed successfully? Be sure to support your evidence from the lesson or your research. | Is the Social Problem still an issue today? How? | Child labor | Some of the first social reforms in the United States passed laws to prevent child labor. Mother Jones attempted to reform the social issue of child labor. | In the long run, the reforms and movements became successful to end child labor, but while the Industrial Revolution happened, child labor was still active. | Child labor isn’t an issue today because of the child…show more content…
This movement was a social movement wherein Christians were urged to improve social conditions for those less fortunate. | The movement helped some of the poor population, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to close the huge gap between the rich and the poor. | Today there is still a gap between rich and poor, the upper class and low classes are perfect examples. Today many people are still without homes or jobs, living under bridges, and starving. But on the other hand, tons of celebrities have millions of dollars with nice houses and fast cars. | PART 2: Conduct an interview with a volunteer from your community. Ask the following questions: 1. What are your reasons for volunteering? “ I volunteered to not only better myself but to better the lives of those facing hard times due to not being able to find jobs or living in an actual house.” 2. What is the purpose of the organization for which you volunteer? “We help the homeless and the poor get help to start new jobs and stay in motels. We collect funds and donations for those that are struggling.” 3. What duties do you perform to aid the organization? “I have to call the motels, set up doctor’s appointments, take the poor to our food drives so they can eat, provide blankets and used clothing. I basically do all I can so they can…show more content…
Why is such an organization needed in your community? ‘Many people have a hard time finding jobs or paying rent. In our community the number of homeless people is outrageous. We know we can’t help everyone, but we do try our hardest to provide them with essential goods.” 5. What rewards do you receive from your volunteer work? “I feel great after I help someone in need. I know I tried my best to get a roof over their head and food in their bellies. I believe in good karma so I know by doing this I don’t have anything to worry about.” 6. What challenges are faced by volunteers in your organization? “ Some challenges that we face are when we go to check on the homeless you never know if they have made it throughout the night. Especially now since the temperatures have dropped a lot of them can freeze to death if not properly clothed. It is hard to face this but it is a part of why we love to help so

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