How To Migrate To America

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Immigrate to a different country was never an easy task for immigration. Families as well as individuals have been seeking for different ways to migrate to foreign country for a better life and opportunities. Many of us Italian seeking for new opportunities with the hope of getting better in life. Due to overpopulation, poverty and natural disaster, we, the Italian, Migrate to the America where the hands are open wide and provide opportunities such as works and foods. The other reason which forcing us to leave our own town and migrate is the government. The Italian government was hurting us, the Italian people, by high taxes, and high protective tariff on industrial goods. We can only earn so much money; however, the government takes out so much of our income. Because of the issue, we cannot make enough money to…show more content…
Most of us are coming from lower class; therefore we were stuffed in the area of open space at the bottom of the ship. Prior to get to the America, we must go through Ellis Island. At Ellis Island, we must go through an immigration process before us able to come to the America. The processes included visiting immigration official, medical examiners, and legal inspectors when we arrived at Ellis Island. Throughout these examination as well as waiting on list to migrate into the American, we must pass certain question with the interviewer. Because of language barrier, we as a new arrival in the American, we have facing many discrimination and prejudice. Most of us reside in New York’s City and worked with heavy constructions jobs, since most of us don’t wants work in farming. According to Mintz, S., & McNeil, S. (2013), “As early as 1890, 90 percent of New York City's public works employees and 99 percent of Chicago's street workers were Italian.” We does not want to seek for permanent home, instead, we want the opportunity to work for
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