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Cultural Diversity May 5, 2009 Utilize Creative Talents, Do Not Shun Them In recent years, the United States economy has been failing. Some blame it on the war, some blame it on the government, and some blame it on foreigners invading our country and taking all our jobs and the practice of shipping jobs overseas. However, Richard Florida, in his essay The Creative Compact: An Economic and Social Agenda for the Creative Age, looks at the U.S.’s problems in a broader scope. He feels that the manner in which to remedy our economic woes is by creating a new creative compact, a new social order which spurs industrial and economic growth. Florida reviews many ways in which to create a new creative compact, one of them being…show more content…
However, when people from other countries move here, they mainly settle in and socialize with people of their own race. This is exemplified by the so-called Chinatowns in the major cities of the U.S. While the Chinese are immigrating to the United States, they are mainly living in communities with their own race. Nationwide, there are fifteen Chinatowns in major cities (“Chinatowns of the United States and Canada” 2009). If we could encourage them to move out into our predominantly white country, think of all the cultural changes they could bring about and the impact they could make on our…show more content…
It just goes back to what I stated previously about people complaining and then not doing anything about whatever is bothering them. I see it as in this country, we are actually taught to be lazy and not work for anything, that we should just receive something without expending any effort. Which is why I do not care whether the illegal immigrants are “taking” all the jobs away from actual United States citizens. Most people would not step up and take the jobs the illegals do, so how can they be taking jobs away? Illegal immigrants work the hard jobs in this country as they take the jobs that they can get. Now, I am not glorifying illegal immigrants on any account, I believe that they should have immigrated to the United States through legal means, I believe they should need to apply for green cards and pay taxes. The point I am trying to make is that, the illegal immigrants do difficult work in this country that nobody would take if it was offered (the stereotyped migrant work, factory jobs, etc.), so why do people complain (“Illegal

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