Euripides Essay

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Euripides Essay In his proverb, Euripides implies that whoever won’t want to learn at a young age, he or she won’t want to learn earlier on in life and won’t have a bright future. Also that they would love to go back to learn but it will be too late! Euripides supports his implication because everyone that reads his proverb knows that it’s true. This proverb hit me and gave me so many thoughts. Euripides proverb means so much but in less words. By saying the future is dead; he means nothing good is coming for you from the future because now these days, to get a good job, you need a good education. Also, by saying” losses the past,” he means that there’s no going back to fix the past. In addition, learning at a young age gets you loving to learn and a good understandment of the real life situation. Euripides proverb hit me! In Euripides proverb, it brought to my attention that if you do well throughout all your years of education, you will have a bright future. This means to me that I have to do well in school to become someone in life. Also if I stop trying, later in life when I’m no one in life, I will want to return to the past to actually try, but we can’t. Having a dead future is being no one life, having no job, and especially having no education. This proverb actually affected my education too. This proverb means a lot to my education. This proverb motivates me not only to doing this essay, but to do outstanding in school. This means that I better not say no to my education because without education my future is doom. Also, this proverb tells me to never let myself say no to my work because work brings perfection. Euripides not only means a lot to me, but to everyone who has read it. Euripides’s implication of his proverb has a huge meaning. It is for one who actually wants to become someone in life to live by it or to just ignore it like people
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