Catcher In The Rye Chapter 1-2 Essay

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<The Catcher in the Rye> Chapter 1-2 Nayeong Kim, Sunglim Lee, Jooyoon Choi, Woojin Kim Chapter 1 Question #1. Why was Holden on Thomsen Hill instead of watching the game at Pencey Prep? (There were 2 reasons) Answer: 1. He just got back from New York with fencing team and he lost all the equipments during the subway ride which made the whole team ostracize him the whole way back. 2. He was on his way to say good-bye to old Spencer, his history teacher. Question #2. What could Holden guess when Mrs. Spencer asked “How have you been? When she was greeting him? Answer: He could guess that old Spencer told her he’d been kicked out of the school. Question #3. What is the author’s intention for inserting bad words…show more content…
However, by putting this troublemaker character into a good school, the author can contrast his case with that of many model students which would make Holden’s thoughts and feelings stand out in the story. Chapter 2 Question #5. What did Mr. Thurmer and old Spencer mean when he said “Life is a game, boy.”? Answer: When he mentioned life being a game, he meant that life is a game that one plays according to the rules. In Holden’s case, he probably wanted to say that Holden should follow the school rules and become obedient. In Mr. Spencer’s view Holden was failing in school, and because they are in a close relationship, he definitely wanted to help Holden to normally spend his school life. Therefore, by telling Holden this quote, he hoped Holden would not try to break school rules and live along not crossing any bounds that would lead him into difficulties. Question #6. Why wouldn’t Holden try to listen to Mr. Spencer about his poor academic accomplishments although he knows his failures? Answer: Holden is experiencing puberty and that may be the main reason why he won’t even bother listening to other people’s opinions, especially about his academic achievements. He just doesn’t want to care of that and enjoy his
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