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1 9/22/07 Definition Essay The Real Meaning of Strength Body builders are one of the easiest ways to see strength. People define strength in many different ways because it means different things to different people. So what is strength? Strength is “the state or quality of being strong; force; power” Webster’s New World Dictionary (“Strength” 638). Strength is exemplified in three main ways: Brute strength, mental strength, and spiritual strength. Physical strength is easily seen every day. People are always trying to become stronger. There are so many gyms because people strive to become stronger. We are willing to take money and spend it on supplements and weights and gym memberships because staying strong is important enough to us that we spend money on that instead of other things. We can also fall and stumble and may break…show more content…
Everyday things happen to us that seem like the worst thing in the world but people who are mentally strong see through it. We have loved ones 2 leave us and we think that it is so bad but we pull out because we know that there is more for us. Knowing what you want in life and going after it is another form of mental strength. When we know what kind of career we want to pursue and we go to school and do everything we can we have to be mentally strong. Spiritual strength comes with believing in something. Most people believe in God or some other religious symbol that they rely on to help give them strength. Christians usually go to church to learn more about God and pray to him for many things but one that I hear is for him go give that person strength. Bad things happen to people everyday but if you are spiritually strong it does not keep you down. When things happen that we do not want you have to know that it will all work out in the end and keep your spirits

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