Benefits Of Crossfit Persuasive Essay

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Chris Hester English 1020 Prof. Conner Sept14, 2011 Fitness Reinvented Greek philosopher Plato once stated “lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it”. Physical exercise is something that has truly been left behind in our up and coming generation. Now labeled the “obese generation” these future leaders are more content in having a physical avatar on an I Phone app than actually going and doing something physical. Crossfit is a fairly new way of doing fitness that will strengthen a person’s whole body and make the mind stronger. Founder and CEO of Crossfit, Greg Glassman…show more content…
For starters the person is going to train hard like an athlete every day. Since crossfit gyms are setup in a class setting he or she is able to receive one on one instruction from a certified crossfit trainer before, during and after the workout. Everyone in the group doing the workout is not only trying to complete the workout as quickly and correctly as possible, but also trying to beat the people around them. Competition is a very powerful element in life and therefore should be brought into the training environment. The aspect of competition between friends naturally makes a person work harder and pushes your body to a new level. If a person does complete the workout before the other people, then that person immediately becomes a motivator to help the other people get through the workout. The main criticism that crossfit faces is that it elevates the risk of rhabdomyolsysis. According to the New England Journal of Medicine this is when skeletal muscle breaks down and leaks its contents into the bloodstream and can then cause kidney failure. This is brought on by the high intensity workouts and working in the heat. However, so called circuit training which gets a lot of praise from fitness coaches can yield the same results, because of the non-stop movement. Certified crossfit trainers are educated in this medical issue and are always on the lookout for potential dangers. Crossfit gyms create bonds and friendships through the people that go to them through enduring these dynamic workouts together. A community feel is brought into this training environment not only at the gym he or she works out in, but also in any crossfit gym across the world. In addition to the hands on training received from the instructors the person will also receive diet information and planning to help the body become as efficient as possible. There are various programs set up for young children, teenagers,

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