Incident Command Model Essay

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Unit 13 (P4) Explain how an individual can experience command and control Introduction This essay will gather information and research effective control. Essay will show detailed construction, which all together makes effective control. They are: giving orders/commands, monitoring teams, maintaining a strong presents, maintaining position, delegating and influencing tempo. Essay will evaluate levels of command, which are: gold, silver, bronze. In this essay will be included Incident command model, and its detailed definition and usage. Incident command Model The Incident Command Model…show more content…
S.M.A.R.T S-Specific Description: Specific fitness is a task-oriented fitness programme designed to meet the requirements of a particular activity, occupation or sport. It mostly applies to athletes who play a particular sport because the awareness of specific fitness that can help them excel in their fields by directly connecting their workouts to the performance in their sports. Specific fitness can be detrimental when a person becomes too focused on it at the expense of overall fitness. M-Measurable Description: By doing each exercise, you must be able to measure it, how much have you done, etc how far did you run, or how long did you jump. By measuring these exercises you will be able to see your progression, this will help you beat your own best score in a time, helps to progress extremely, only by doing it regularly and with full give away. A-Achievable Description: Is an important part of any weight loss regimen. In fact, it is just as important as keeping track of the calories you consume and the exercises you perform. When setting your personal goals, it's important that you come up with fitness goals that are challenging but

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