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Every person in this world belongs to a different community within their society. A community can contribute to society because it creates solutions, provides security, reveals dedication and lastly discovers truthfulness. Communities can be found everywhere and can be created anywhere. You may be unaware of it, but anyone can be apart of some community not only based on your location, but also based on ones lifestyle, religion, heritage, education, or abilities. My community I happen to belong to is my church community. The church I regularly attend is called Cerritos Mission Church (CMC) located in Cerritos. A major issue that plays a big factor in the growth of my church is the number of attendance per week. “People in the United States…show more content…
The atmosphere at Cerritos Mission Church is great for Christian worship. It is so peaceful and tranquil that I can easily connect with God and improve my relationship with him through prayer. This particular church is always open to the public and is an excellent place for contemplating. Although the atmosphere is amazing, the buildings of this church are very old and run down. Just like most churches, the income a church receives is by its members and donations from the community. Since CMC is limited in numbers and located in somewhat of a hidden area, I think the members should all come together and actively contribute to the community. By doing some great examples can be helping the homeless shelter, offering free tutoring to kids, having free car washes, and also donating whatever we can to the less fortunate. By doing this the church can bring across more people in knowing about not only the lord and all the great deeds he has done but also, Cerritos Mission Church. Not only are we doing this all for free for the community and to bring attendance but also, the main goal is to spread and worship the lord to the people of Cerritos. This resolution would cost zero dollars but it does cost the hard work and time from the members of CMC. The more input we put into the community, the output we will benefit and…show more content…
The days of our lives are structured around cycles of work, eating, family and recreation times. Any of these activities can become boring if we don't strive to find something interesting or enjoyable about them. The objective in going to church is to seek to build our relationship with God and others. I believe that if my church community takes steps forward in these resolutions it can bring a positive upraise in the attendance at CMC. Although I may not know some of the members that consist of this church, but I can also say that each and every member is apart of my family. Some of my great friends are the ones that I have made through church. Despite the fact that I see some of them once a week, I am relieved that I have someone that I can always talk to and pray about whenever things go

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