Persuasive Essay On The Iraq War

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yasmin ALi Instructor: Croon English 101 10: am July, 30 2008 Invasion of Iraq The debate over the Iraq war is getting more complicated as some Americans’ believe invasion of Iraq was the righting to do money opponent believe that the us attack on Iraq was wrong from the beginning, because claims of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and saddam- alqaeda link were all based on faulty. Even thou war is necessary sometimes to establish order and the cases of taken action has to be careful evaluated to avoid mistakes like the Iraqi war. For a centuries money westerns have cherished the tradition of victory. The blood shading, destruction of country, high cost of the war, the lost of innocent life’s and pollution of the environment are not worth especially when is based on false pretense.…show more content…
Senator John McCain argues on his campaign “insurgent is working : money people would like to know how is working when the toll death is growing each day by both side the Iraq and the us military, it is all show and tell. The media flashes light on the areas where has been little effect and makes belives us the insurgent is working when is not with characteristic self-absorption, most American are not looking the big picture. Most people should ask saddam is death there was no mass of weapon destruction why are we still there and spending tax payers money because This war was based on revenge and business “in Apr. 1993, former president bush visited Kuwait to commemorate the victory over Iraqi in the Persian gulf war. During Bush’s visit, Kuwaiti authorities arrested 17 people allegedly involved in a plot to kill

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