Comparison and Contrast Between Gulf War and Iraq Waqr

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Student: Cristiano Queiroz Professor: Magdalena Lamar Date: 15 April 2011 Compare and Contrast study between the Gulf War and the Iraq War The Gulf war and the Iraq war are wars in which the chief antagonist was Saddam Hussein. Even so, the two are recent wars which threatened the stability of the Middle East, as well as international security, it has also been speculated that the real motives leading to west intervention in both wars were not what the coalition, led by United States, declared, justifying their intervention, instead the real motive triggering the quick retaliation from the West, was due to protection of the Middle East oil supply that was threatened to fall in Saddan Hussein’s control. While both wars are similar to the aspect of the America’s policy in regard only to its own benefit throughout the world, when we see American policy makers repeating the same mistakes of Vietnam, “where they exaggerated the importance of the Vietnam to the United States. Had they instead, more soberly assessed its true value to the economic and security interests to US, recognizing the popular appeal of revolutionary nationalism within the country (McMahon). Also the ensuing Wars might well have been averted other major interpretive approach offering far more radical critique of American intentions and behavior. It depicts the United States as a global hegemony, concerned primarily with its own economic expansion (McMahon). They are different in regards to its outcome; the gulf war was quick with minimal losses to the American side, and with a higher indices of approval by the American people at its end. While the Iraq war despite its better outcome when compared to the Vietnam’s legacy, had a higher number of casualties than the Gulf War and with a duration much longer than the Gulf War, driving American public approval of the war to the bottom. Invasion

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