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KeTyra Saunders American History March 24,2015 Midterm Essay Spanish- American War During the late 19th century America was expanding from Urbanization to an Industrializing Age. Before America focused on the farm life and people of small business to help them survive but thanks to the industry pioneers that help shoe the industrial Era its all about big businesses taking over which led to a lot of problems in America. The peak of yellow journalism, in terms of both intensity and influence, came in early 1898, when a U.S. battleship, the Maine, sunk in Havana harbor. The naval vessel had been sent there not long before in a display of U.S. power and, in conjunction with the planned visit of a Spanish ship to New York, an effort to defuse growing tensions between the United States and Spain (Bob Erkinson). On the night of February 15, an explosion tore through the ship’s hull, and the Maine went down. Sober observers and an initial report by the colonial government of Cuba concluded that the explosion had occurred on board, but Hearst and Pulitzer, who had for several years been selling papers by fanning anti-Spanish public opinion in the United States, published rumors of plots to sink the ship (Bob Erkinson). When a U.S. naval investigation later…show more content…
military. So the reason for going to war did not justify actually doing it but the underlying reason would justify it from the aspect of the nations going to war. The Spanish American war is justified to the United States, but perhaps not as morally as what people would think when it comes to war because war can definitely be a lost. The main purpose of it was to expand America. Despite that both nations lost troops America definitely gained land and more respect in the military forces from their other
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