Melian Dialogue Essay

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“The Melian Dialogue” by Thucydides describes the overpowering typical view of a practical person on international politics. Although, the Iraq conflict differs in time aspect and complexity, an over-head view of the conflict resonates the same view in “The Melian Dialogue.” In both conflicts the powerful nation is at war with another powerful nation. Setting aside who is just or unjust and looking at the “big picture” of the conflicts, The Athenians resemble the US and Terrorism resembles Sparta. Looking at the “small picture” of the conflicts, The US resembles Athens and Iraq resembles the Melians. Many reasons of conflict in the invasion of Melos resonate to the reasons of invasion of Iraq such as capitalism, violation of international law, only the strong survives, homeland security, help from another nation. Capitalism is an economic system that is operated for profit. The US is seeking oil that is becoming more expensive and harder to find. The Athenians are seeking tribute to pay for their army. The Athenians and US are both conqueror and both are driven by money. The Athenians forces smaller, less powerful islands to capitulation and help out in their big fight against Sparta. The US has military presence in about 130 countries, which have increased in number after September 11,2001, to fight the “Global war on Terrorism.” Neutrality is not acceptable, “either you are with us or against us.” The Melians try to argue that they are neutral to the whole Athens vs. Sparta Conflict, as does Iraq claimed in modern time. The Melians and Iraq both warn of great repercussions if they are attacked. Although in the no immediate repercussion came to the Athenians and the US, later they both faced rebellions. International laws were made to protect the weak and the ones unable to defend themselves from powerful conquerors. The Athenians and the US both violated
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