Why Did The U.S Go To War With Iraq In 2003?

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Why Did the U.S Go to War with Iraq in 2003? Iraq war is one of the most debatable U.S military conflicts of the past decades. Different opinions exist about the propriety of this war. Nevertheless, it is likely that that the U.S intervention into Iraq was a justified measure, as it helped to prevent more serious and dangerous conflicts on the Middle East. The official reasons to enter the Iraq conflict were freeing Iraq people, planting democracy, and destroying the Iraq nuclear potential. The U.S intelligence got the data which said that Iraq has been increasing its nuclear potential through the past decade. American and British governments agreed that letting Iraq, which is a potentially aggressive state, possess nuclear weapon, it too dangerous. Iraq leaders stated they needed nuclear substances and technologies in order to create sources of nuclear energy that could be used for peaceful means. Nevertheless, the elements used for it can also be used for creating nuclear weapon. Human beings have always been at war with each other, and since prehistoric times they have been inventing more and more accomplished methods of murdering each other. At the present moment nuclear weapon is one of the most effective ones, along with bacteriological weapon. Nuclear weapon was used only two times in history, on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. It slaughtered all the dwellers of these cities, and polluted the area so that people could not live there. More than sixty years passed, and still no one lives in these places. The consequences of using nuclear weapon were so disastrous and cruel that humans finally understood they had to stop. Most countries signed various agreements stating that they would not use and produce nuclear weapons. Still many countries have nuclear powers, but no one comes to the scratch to use them. Everyone understands that the
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