Who Was to Blame for the Cold War?

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Who was to blame for The Cold War? The Cold War happened over a long period time, unraveling and developing after the horrors of the Second World War. Throughout the course of the years that have followed the Cold War, mixed opinions of who is to blame for the war have arisen. It was believed, before the 1960s, that Stalin and his Communist ideologies brought the war to the attention of the world. Soon after, various evaluations of the war dictated that USA and the “western” supporters (i.e. Capitalist governments) were to blame. As far as Modern World History states, I am led to believe that both sides were “belligerents” of equal contribution to the war’s happening. Russia (USSR) and its Communist Allies have been frequently discarded with the blame of the Cold War’s development but is this harsh judgment really a correct interpretation of the events? Because of allegations leading up to the 1960s, the ordinary western resident would most probably blame the USSR for the war’s happening (obviously the element on pride and patriotism are to be taken into account) but to the more historically taught persons, further elements can be taken into account. For example, the difference in ideologies or “clash,” the aims of the Soviet Union and the USA, former resentments and historic grudges and of course the events leading to the Cold War. “The clash of ideologies” is a term often used to describe the differences the two Governments shared. This phrase can refer to the governmental views on the ruling of a country; Americans hated the very prospect of Communism, as did the USSR hate Capitalism. Though a war over government preferences is arguably a farfetched reason to wage war, it was apparent that these ideologies had a huge influence on lifestyle. One of the two possible verdicts that derive from the question, “Who was to blame for The Cold War?” is that the
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