The Cold War And Truman's Policies

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To what extent was the Cold War caused by Truman’s policies? The Cold War was a state of political and ideological conflict, military tension and economic rivalry after the Second World War. This ‘war’ was fought between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United States of America (USA). After the Second World War had ended Europe was devastated and in ruins. The industry and agriculture sectors were severely damaged, governments were in disarray, there were supply shortages and a split had emerged between the Great Powers. The USA and Great Britain were on one side, the USSR on the other. These two camps followed different political ideologies. The Americans and the British believed in democracy, while the Soviets heeded the call of communism. Both sides wished to spread their ideologies around the world. Military tensions were heightened through proxy wars in Korea and Vietnam and tense military standoffs like in Berlin. Economic rivalry was ever-present and each of these superpowers competed to have the biggest economy in the world. This state of Cold War-which at many times threatened to engulf the world in war-lasted until 1989, when the Soviet Union finally collapsed. To this day there is still much disagreement as to who is responsible for the Cold War. This essay, however will discuss the role Truman’s policies played in causing the Cold War. Harry S. Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri on May 8th 1884. Truman had served in the First World War as a Field Artillery Captain. When he returned he became active in politics. Truman gained fame and respect when his famed ‘Truman Committee’ weeded out military uselessness by exposing fraud and mismanagement, and thereby saving an estimated $15 billion. In the 1944 US Presidential Elections, Truman was selected as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s running mate. Truman established many
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