American Anti-Communist Propaganda During The Cold War

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After World War two, the world split into two distinct camps. Propaganda was use to justify or condemn about such as the United States and the Soviet Union became engaged in proxy wars against one another. As a result, propagandists ought to portray an enemy nation as harboring all the qualities that were adverse to their own conception of liberty and progress. The differences between American capitalist democracy and Soviet socialist totalitarianism came from their systems. The American government went out of its way to portray communists as scarier and more not the same as what Americans were. They propagandized the scary aspects of the Soviet totalitarian system. Socialist Soviet became bigger when the World War II created a strong anti-communist movement that was irritated by propaganda. It made American’s fearful and stronger movement to help the United States to against communist states. Anti-communist propaganda brought America several medium including books, pamphlets, comics, films, and radio during the Cold War. American government supported some radio programs such as Hollywood films that help to dramatize the communist threat and also played the American’s thoughts and their emotions. During the Cold War, American…show more content…
Their propaganda described the Soviet society as a modern, progressive culture. It claimed that the USSR was surpassing the capitalist economies and was ahead technologically. The USSR propaganda also emphasized its anti-Imperialist perspective. They did not publicly define their Eastern European and Asian territories as colonies, and they did grant a minimal amount of self-government to many regions. With this strategy, the Soviets attacked the Westerners for exploiting the people being addressed. With this concept, the Soviets obtained support from people within these
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