What Caused The Cold War Between The U.S And

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The Cold War could not have been avoided. The arrival of the Cold War after World War II had always been imminent. There were already disagreements between the West and the Soviet Union at the Yalta Conference. There are also many factors that contributed to the Cold War and most of them were unavoidable. The origins of the cold war are not really that difficult to uncover. Nor are these origins that complex. Here in the west we have the tendency -- not unusual, I suppose -- to place the entire responsibility of the cold war upon the shoulders of the Soviet Union. And so, there have been a few events which have shaped this response. For instance, when Mother Russia overthrew its tsar, made a revolution, became the Soviet Union, unified itself under Lenin and created an ideological structure called communism, the United States could only react with fear and trepidation. The government could not accept the simple fact that a country could exist with economic and political principles so critically opposed to democracy and industrial capitalism. The first factor is that during World War Two, the USA and the western powers had worked together with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany and its allies. However, the alliance was based solely on the fact that they had a common enemy- Germany. Once that enemy was near defeat, disagreements began to emerge. The West and the Soviet Union were never really `friends'. Towards the end of the war, relations between the West and the Soviet Union deteriorated so drastically that they were unable to cooperate in any way. The second factor is that the West was capitalist and democratic, whereas the USSR was communist and a one-party state. In a democratic system, different political parties are allowed and free elections are held so that the people can vote for their government whereas in a communist state, other parties are
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