Tensions Between The USA And The United States During The Cold War

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Although considered allies in WWI, USA and USSR turned against each other by the end of the ‘War to end all wars.’ Tensions increased between the two massive countries as both went through an arms race, created the Atomic bombs, and competed against each other through many other political issues. This time, between 1945 – 1949 is considered the Cold War, where Russia and USA indirectly fought. The WWI alliance between the Soviet Union and the United States was only temporary. After the end of the war USA started the tensions by aiding the whites (The Tsarists) providing military assistance. The whites attempted to overthrow the new communist government and USA was helping them. Another issue that caused tensions between the two countries was the fact that USA waited until 1933 to give the soviet government…show more content…
This is because Russia was Cuba’s ally, and did not want American influence in the Cuban government. USA sent money to the non-communists in Greece and provided them with weaponry and ammunition to defeat the communists. The plan was successful. Another important event was the Berlin wall that divided West and East Germany. Russia had control over the Eastern part, and had placed a wall after a mass migration from East to West Germany occurred. USA intervened and wanted to help the non-communists of Germany. They aided financially and militarily. This also added to the conflicts (being one of the major between them), and added to the tension between them, nearly causing an actual war. The Cold war was one of the most tense wars, with many close calls. The Cold War, if actually turned south, could have turned out really badly, possibly one of the largest wars between the two largest nations at that time. Although they never fought, the indirect war was started mainly due to the actions of
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