How and Why Did Us and Soviet Relations Deteriorate Between 1945 and 1947?

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Soviet and US relations changed dramatically between 1945 and 1947, there were many reasons to explain why and how this happened. Firstly, one reason was the end of WW2. During the Second World War, America and the USSR were members of the Grand Alliance in order to oppose Hitler, but when this war finished there was nothing to bring the Communists and Capitalists together. Therefore, the two countries went from allies to progressing enemies after Germany was defeated. This developed until a confrontation, from Western and Eastern Europe, in a nuclear arms race. Moreover, the decisions made by the ‘Big Three’ at the international conferences in Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam between 1943 and 1945 contributed to the deterioration of relations between American and the USSR. At the Yalta conference, February 1945, Germany had not been defeated so it was split into four zones of occupation by Britain, France, America, Russia and free elections were allowed in Eastern Europe: the Declaration of the Liberated. Also, Russia joined the UN and promised to help defeat Japan after Germany was defeated. Later that year in Potsdam, many open disagreements took place because Germany had lost the war so Russia had promised to fulfil, Churchill had lost the 1945 election and Roosevelt died so Truman, who replaced him was angered by the large scale reparations imposed on Germany and the setting up of a communist government in Poland. He did not trust Russia, so kept him in the dark about him having the atomic bomb in 1945 before he dropped it on Japan to get them to surrender. By America using the atomic bomb, Stalin knew that it was possible for it to be used against them. Russia was therefore tricked by America preventing the Red Army from going to Japan. This threatened Russia and warned them that America was wary of them and could act on it. Another important reason was
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