Explain Why Relations Between the Soviet Union and the Usa Changed in the Years 1943-56

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During the war the Soviet Union and the USA formed a close alliance due to the shared aim of the defeat of Germany. The Soviet Union became a lot more powerful due to Stalin’s five year plans, and became a contender with the USA for the world’s largest superpower. This sparked conflict between the two nations and a race to see who would be the most powerful, the Cold War. One of the main factors that that caused the relationship between the Soviet Union and the USA was the arms race, which consisted of both nations building up their military and economic power to more than the other. A large army, navy, air force and weaponry were maintained and each party aspired to be more powerful with the bigger military force. America established the first nuclear bomb in 1945. When Stalin heard of this at the Potsdam conference the race began. By 1949 the USSR also had a nuclear bomb. America then created the Hydrogen bomb. Both countries steadily built their nuclear weaponry in secret which prompted both sides to send spies to collect information of the other country’s progress. This caused a feeling of mistrust and contempt and caused a strong dislike between the two. Another incident that affected the relationship was the Berlin Blockade in 1948 that lasted into 1949. The Soviets cut off the western side of Berlin and prevented the Americans, British and French from accessing the city. It made the dispute between them public and was the first military confrontation of the USSR towards America. The western part of Germany had to supply West Berlin from the air for around a year, causing Russia to eventually give up. This was a triumph for the USA and the rest of Western Europe as they managed to outwit the Soviets, and due to their peaceful defeat the USSR looked increasingly aggressive. However this made Stalin and the Soviet Union despise the capitalist Europe even more.

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