Differences Between Cold War And Communism

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March 3, 2012 The Cold War was an event that change the twentieth century The Cold War was between democratic and communism that was started by Senator Joseph McCarthy. While discussing anticommunism and McCarthyism they will find the differences between the two. The paper will also discuss how the media point of view covered anticommunism and McCarthyism, also how Americans foreign was determined anticommunism. Finally, they will discover how Americans’ lives have changed because of the Red Scare. The Cold War is discussed widely around the world and as huge impact on the fight between Republicans and Democrats about communism and anticommunism. When describing the events that occur with anticommunism and McCarthyism. When it comes to discussing anticommunism they think about people who are against a government that ruled by an authority party group. Anticommunism think that what communism wants are false and damaging to the governments. Senator McCarty believed that communism had influenced Americans in a negative way when…show more content…
The Red Scare was the second, and it focus on the national communists influence about the government. After the World War II the Red Scare, also known as, was the outbreak of threats that came from the communism. This is also a following about foreign policies because of the war that was going on. Threats came from many foreign countries and scared many American. The Cold War lead too many of today’s most spoke of history. Anticommunism and McCarthyism is known worldwide and has had much to do with how the government and people where afraid of speaking out against McCarthy. When reading this essay the difference between anticommunism and McCarthyism was told and also how the media covered the controversy. The American foreign policy is how decisions and determine are made by anticommunism and how the Red Scare changed people life’s
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