Iraq vs. the United States of America:

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HOW MUCH LONGER WILL INNOCENT PEOPLE CONTINUE TO DIE UNTIL SANCTIONS ARE LIFTED? In the year 1990 the Middle East was in a tense position after the attack of Kuwait by its Iraq neighbors and its’ President Sadaam Hussein. This was only to beginning of what turned out to be a war, which many were hurt, and many countries felt the effect as a result of this war. The Gulf War did not start until 1991 but tension was building between the world and Iraq. Iraq was left out on its own to fend off the world. This war turned out to be Sadaam vs. the world. Countries felt threatened by the mere existence of this man Sadaam considering him a menace to society. Sadaam proved over again that he was after land first invading Iran and then taking over Kuwait. When Sadaam took over Kuwait he was after the Kuwaiti Oil. Iraq wanted to be the second largest to Saudi Arabia in Oil production and only could achieve this by taking over Kuwaiti soil. The Gulf War turned out to be a hard fought war led by the United States of America and George Bush’s Administration. The Bush Administration was determined not let Kuwait be walked over by a stronger country in Iraq. This administration was not entering into this war without its own interests addressed since they received $6 billion (US) from Kuwait in support for the United States forces. The USA had its own interests in mind and the most important to them was not the safe return of all Kuwaiti land but rather the oil with which Kuwait would owe them for returning their land. This war was also known as the Desert Storm. Desert Storm was not only about Iraq since it affected many countries around Iraq. Some have suggested that Israel felt threatened as a result of the power which Sadaam and Iraq had gained and that is what brought the United States into the war. At the end of the war when the cease-fire was achieved a new war

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