The Benefits Of The Iraq War

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On March 23, 2003, the United States of America officially declared war on Iraq. This would mark the start of the Iraq War, a war that up until now is still going on strong. During these five years, the United States government and President Bush have repeatedly said they would try to return the United States troops home safely and quickly. Through the still ongoing violence and fighting occuring overseas in Iraq, the United States have recently agreed upon an 'American Surge" towards the Iraq War. With increased American soldiers, along with an array of more deadly weapons, the United States government and President Bush have said that these measures were taken to speed up the Iraq War, for reasons of ending the war in a more swift and faster…show more content…
According to the National Polls, two thirds of the whole American population believe that the Iraq War is not worth it. The only word that Vice President Dick Cheney replied to this fact was "So". Even though the facts of the Iraq War is evident, the government of the United States choose to rely on senseless optimism to continue to fuel reasons to stay in Iraq longer. Ever since the Iraq War, there have been around four thousand American soldiers that have given their lives to the war. The Iraq war has cost the United States 600 billion dollars so far, and the United States government estimates that this number will rise to around 2 trillion when the war is over. Even though these facts show the Iraq War has taken a hard toll on the United States, the government still choose to support it and continue to participate in the war. President Bush and the White House choose to ignore these facts and continue to say to the citizens of the United States that this war has been a success. The government's over optimistic view on the Iraq War can be explained by the government's true intentions in participating in the Iraq War longer. The surge of American soldiers may seem like a way to end the war faster, but the government's true intentions for the surge is…show more content…
Controversies of oil or political control are only some of the reasons citizens assume is the reason. Despite these facts, a majority of the United States population agree that the Iraq War is not neccesary. The United States White House and the Bush administration assure the citizens that they are trying their best to complete the Iraq War, and return the soldiers back to their homes. Through the recent surge of reinforcements in Iraq, the government state that this is essential to ending the war faster. But carnage the surge has caused, the war has been made longer instead of shorter. The government's false optimism through public speaking of government officials, shows that the government indded is tryiing to lengthen, by assuring the citizens that the war is a

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