The Pros And Cons Of The Atomic Bomb

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“If we do not end the war, war will end us” - said by HG Wells. In the morning of the 6th of August 1945, B-29 bomber Enola Gay was used to release the first atomic bomb ‘Little Boy’ into the city of Hiroshima causing a fatal massacre that made many suffer up to this day. 100 000 innocent civilians lives were taken away by the Americans. 72 years later, since the dropping of the first weapon of its kind, it still remains a devastating time for Japan. Although the bomb ultimately saved more lives than it took, the ongoing feud of whether the bomb was justified or not still continues to this day. The Manhattan Project was a research project to develop the world’s first atomic bomb. It produced two bombs. “Fat man” and “Little boy”. The project…show more content…
Despite having an alternative which was to gradually stop the war by attacking the Japanese, it would have taken much longer and more people would have died. The US wanted to end the war instead of causing immense suffering to many. Instead, they did it abruptly for the greater good saving many more. This is because the Japanese would not surrender regardless of the circumstance due to their code of Bushido, thus continuing their reign and them constantly gaining more power. On one hand, dropping the bomb freed thousands of Americans from Japanese captivity, but on another, it caused people physical and emotional trauma. The thought of freeing people from confinement outweighed the trauma. One of the reasons particularly is because the dropping caused fewer casualties and as a result, the utilitarianism move that the Americans had made was counterbalanced, because of the consequences of the dropping of the bomb. This supports the idea of why the Americans thought the only way to stop the war without a bloody mess coming of it, and as a result, more people would have died. To this extent, we see that in the scenario regarding the dropping, more lives have been saved because of how fast everything
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