Personal Values and Ethical Standards

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards BSHS/332 March 25, 2013 Personal Values and Ethical Standards Human services are a profession emerging in response to and in expectancy of the direction of human problems and needs. Human services appreciate the diversity of people; therefore, it provides assistance to the people entering its domain within the context of the environment and community. Human service professionals encourage and promote the distinctive characteristics and values of human services. By these means, they support the ethics and integrity of the vocation, support community, and client well-being, and develop their professional growth. The profession has a set of principles of conduct for professional and ethical decision-making. The development of one’s personal values begins in the earlier childhood years and may change as one matures into adulthood. A person may use his or her personal value system in which he or she can make an assumption on the basis of an ethical action. A person’s value system is a set of reliable principles and actions. The development of integrity is from the foundation of these values. A person’s value system is a reflection of the person’s right and wrong perspectives. It has a broad preference pertaining to the path of actions or outcomes. Generally, values make an impression on attitudes and behaviors. For instance, a person who values equal rights for every person but works for a company that mistreats its workers yet praises its managers may develop an attitude of unfairness toward the company. Good values are helpful in making ethical decisions and for making right and wrong choices. My mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, church, teachers, pastors, and the community were the main sources for shaping and developing my values. During my childhood years the community had the responsibility of helping each other

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