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Abstract This paper analyzes the characteristics of an effective manager as it relates to general managers in the federal government. It specifically refers to the Chief Deputy Clerk for the Judicial Panel and how he is great manager and leader. This paper analyzes and compares the theories of an effective leader with that of the characteristics of the Chief Deputy Clerk. The Theoretical Framework for the paper includes research by lectures and scholarly articles which give further detail in how leaders motivate and inspire other. In the end, this article provides a personal reflection of leadership and the steps needed to take in order to become a better leader. Introduction Motivator, decision maker, innovative,…show more content…
Winchell Sr., he incorporates what it takes to be a great general manager. It is important to understand people by applying specific theories related to reinforcement, teamwork, why employees fail at their job and motivation. As a leader, it is significant for employees to feel appreciated. A simple thank you shows appreciation and respect for the employee. General Managers have the ability to reward those employees who are exceptional in their position. This shows great appreciation to the employee. By being rewarded, an employee feels needed and respected not only by the manager but the organization as well. Employees are aware that they may not get everything they want, however a great manager continues to make employees happy to the best of his ability while keeping the goal of the organization in mind. Happy and satisfied employees’ decreases the turnover rate within the office and also keeps the moral high. Continuing this shows the high level executives that the General Manager is doing well and optimizing his ability to lead. It is also important for an organization to work as a team. The general manager must know how to execute and communicate the same common goal to different groups. This is very difficult because in order for the team to feel as equally passionate about the common goal, the manager must communicate the goal in a way that makes each employee feel they are doing their part individually to achieve the common goal. The same goal cannot be communicated to the IT staff in the same way that it is communicated to the operations staff. Each subset of teams has a separate objective all leading to a common goal. Knowing when and how to deal with employees who are performing low is also pertinent as a general manager. Ultimately the general manager wants to have a great team. Therefore, often times they are forced to deal with employees who perform less. There are often reasons why

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