Nvq Level 3 Business

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1.1 Explain the purpose of supporting other people at work. When working as a team, you have to contribute to the overall success of the organization. You have to keep in mind the company’s overall objectives even if you work for a particular department, because you are one among the many people in the organization. Each individual has to bear in mind to work together with unity, support each other and take the job as your own. Team work is much more rewarding that individual work, where you put yourself in other people’s place and think why it was done, and why they thought so. When you support each other, things get done faster, you help each other succeed and learn new things. Together we achieve! 1.2 Explain the purpose of helping other people to work effectively and efficiently a) for individuals b) for organizations Helping other people to work improves productivity, creates good employment relations and improves morale. It increases productivity, helps solve problems quickly so that deadlines are met, and create a better working environment. Working with other people helps us to Communicate effectively with other people, because it gives you opportunities to work with other people. Share work goals and plan work objectives, priorities and responsibilities together Work in a way that makes best use of your abilities and the abilities of others. Show respect for individuals Identify and solve problems. Deliver work on time and to budget where possible Share feedback with others on the achievement of objectives Working with other organizations, helps you to · Understand the different work ethics they follow · Look and understand different strategies used by them to tackle difficult situations and be successful · Understand more about any new services or advanced technologies they might be using
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