Wgu Financial Accounting Task 1

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COURSE WORK 1- FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT/FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 1. UNDERSTANDING OF THE DIFFERNCE BETWEEN FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Financial accounting is focused on generally accepted accounting principles- producing a limited set of financial statements. This includes the balance sheet and the income statements, by which the overall past performance of business can be judged by outsiders. Management accounting deals with information that is not made public and is used for internal decisions making only. These reports are far more detailed than financial accounting reports and can cover performances and activities by departments, teams, products, customers and employees. It is an accounting system that helps management…show more content…
Competitors – they will be only interested if the Business means “ASDA” is not doing so well as this will mean more business for them , because they are offering the same services within the same area. They can use the financial statement of “ASDA” as a “bench mark” for their own performance. Owners- they are the most important stakeholders, because they have established the business and they devoted a lot of their time for the company success. They are the stakeholders, who have the higher interest for the business to raise on profit and value. Employees and Managers- their interest is that the company provides them with decent live hood. They are interested of the security of their employment, good rates of pay, bonuses, rewards and opportunities for promotion. Therefore there are interested of the financial “health” of the Business, otherwise they will be made redundant (please see the stakeholders diagram ) STAKEHOLDER’S…show more content…
Regular training sessions are hugely important. 5 (i) BUSINESS FORMAT (LEGAL FORM) OF THE BUSINESS My chose of company is “Vega Electronics” - the legal form of this business type is “Sole Trader”- it is the simplest business format and is a business, which is owed and operated by one individual. In the world of Business there is many Business Formats. Some of the main categories are: * Private companies in private sector – these are organizations that are privately owned and not part of the Government – this could be corporations (profit and non- profit ), charities and partnerships * The Public sector – these are organizations, that are usually owned and operated by the government, this could be provincial, federals, state or municipal governments 5 (ii) Advantages of “Sole Trader” Business format are : * Ability to control every aspect of the business – unlimited span of control in terms of the business * Only one layer of taxation- which means the business is not required by law to file a tax return as a business * The owner of the business can chose their own pattern of working hours- which gives more

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