The Pros And Cons Of Human Service Professionals

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Preamble Human services is a profession that has really developed over the twenthieth century in helping with the needs and problems of people in need. Human service providers don’t discriminate on diversity of their clients but they help all human beings that are in need of the help and support. The human service professional takes pride inwhat they do and they do all they can to promote and encourage their unique values. They do all of these things to enhance the growth of their professional life to better help their clients. Human service professionals follow these set of ethical standards set here to help in their decision making when it comes to their profession. It is there in hopes of human service workers to use in problem situations that they might come across while helping a client.…show more content…
They also need to deal with conflicts in a professiona manner dealing with both their employer and their clients, The Human Service Responsibility to Self They commit their selves to a journey of lifelong learning and to keep improving on their own personal growth to better commit to their job and their clients. Section II- Standards for Human Service Educators Human service educators need to keep themselves updated on the different teaching styles and not be judgemental towards students. They need to let the student express themselves as they want and are offered to discuss what is being learned or taught to them for a better understanding. Human service educators need to be fully commited to their responsibilities as educators as well. They are to uphold professional relationships with their students and to treat all their students equally and fairly. Even being educators the confidentiality still falls into place and they need to abide by

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