Personal Narrative Essay: Grandma's Coming To California

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Coming To California A Woman in a bright colorful sundress standing with Carmel brown skin in the early twenties, looking over the horizon of the Redondo beach with a car full of clothes and house supplies. She had traveled a great distance from Kansas to California as she stared out on the beach she was thinking of so much that has to be done with an attitude that will not take no for an answer. Her name was Gail Ebony Harris, and this is grandmother. She came from Kansas because of many dreams you can for fill the Hollywood lifestyle shown with a dream of new beginnings. “No that’s what everyone thinks when coming to California”, my grandmother says. Actually she came here for a better job opportunity and a better life…show more content…
I heard many stories about my grandmother being a hustler and got money all the time no matter the circumstance. She uses to sell items at a swap meet like gold fish, purses and different items that will make them money. Even in struggling times she made whatever needed to happen. I remember several time my mom and uncle saying how they had to go and sell this gold fish and pack everything in cars to go back and forth to the destinations. Although she was back on track to making money and starting to really enjoy the California like she had just finished her bachelor degree and sadly she had broke up with my grandfather and went separate ways. My grandmother raised my mom and uncle on her own as a single parent and manages to do well enough for her kids to have a good life and enjoy California. My grandmother continued to live in Inglewood and had one more child, who is my aunt. She continued her career maintain food on the counter and providing things as her reasonability. She raised three children who are now grown and get to experience growing up in California where it is not as bad as people fail to realize. My Family says “we are very fortunate and that except for the prices and gas California is the best place to

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