Benefits Of Moving To California Essay

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Moving to California Helping out someone very close to you is not always turn out right in the way you want; but somehow, if the result turns out right with satisfactory, it is surely one the best feeling you can have. Moving from state to sate is not an easy thing to do regularly, you will have to have a several plans or choices. Sometimes you can move, but sometimes you cannot due to many obstacles you are facing. In about 2 months ago, I tried to help out my girlfriend by moving from the state of Ohio to the state of California. I helped her because since I am living in California, so I needed to help her every ways I can as possible, also because we are in a relationship. She wants to move to California and settle her life here in a beautiful sunshine weather in California. However, the ideals that we had seemed to be easier then what we expected. Even though, we had showed our commitments and followed out exact plans, but during the process of moving…show more content…
It seems many people had lost their jobs during the last 6 years, which created less jobs. So many jobs opportunity had been cut of; it was one of the biggest problems we had, because it is very difficult to find a stable job out here in California. During the last year on December, I’ve been searching around for the best job I can find as possible, but the jobs available were mostly at the fast food restaurants, and very low wages. So if we were not being able to find a better job, surely she cannot afford to pay her bills and also for her school as well. Secondly, because of school fees for a non-California residency is way more expensive. That brings up the job problem, so for her to be able to pay her bills and school fees, absolutely she needed to have a good job. Also a place to stay such as an apartment rents are way higher wages than the state of Ohio, which she lived
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